best social media marketing courses
social media marketing courses

Best Social Media Marketing Courses 

In this current situation where the world is suffering from COVID-19, also lots of small businesses are suffering from the financial crisis. In this situation most people offering social media marketing services at home because of their skills. This one of the top emerging skills are added in Forbes according to the survey.

According to a global survey where complete lockdown different countries social media marketer earn millions of dollar on the internet by providing services. The usage of social media increased day by day and this skill boom in COVID-19. 

Since their physical presence is shut, they are thinking that it's difficult to meet up. One suspects, the circumstance is simply going to deteriorate in numerous nations.

In this situation, we offered the best social media marketing courses for a beginner free of cost. Which helps to grow up in the social media market and make it independent. So that you can earn by helping small businesses to get back on their feet.

Here we have the best social media marketing courses for you which are free of cost that will change your life completely in less than 1 month.

1. Udemy (Marketing course)

Udemy provides social media marketing courses for beginner to enhance their skills next level free of cost. Where you can learn easily social media advertising from A to Z and helping you to figure out how to utilize various stages to effectively advance your business. If you learn social media marketing you can earn a 6 figure salary on the freelance market easily and also build up your business.

Udemy continually updates their courses which is very beneficial to you so you don't need to stress over whether you are learning is obsolete just focus and learn if you learn then you can earn.

Offered By: Udemy

2. Digiskills (Digital and Social media marketing)

Digiskills is an online learning platform where you can learn about digital and social media marketing. It is free of cost this course is dependent on theory and practical. they will prepare the participant foundation by teaching them. Already 24160 trainees enrolled in this course, so why are you waiting to hurry up and enrolled. Digiskills provide the best social media marketing courses in English Hindi, Urdu languages. Once you can complete this social media marketing course then you have to go for a freelancing tutorial, which is also included on the website.

Offered By: Digiskills

3. LinkedIn Learning (Social media marketing foundation)

If you search job on the internet that you must have seen the LinkedIn website. LinkedIn is a social site where you can build up your profile and search job, but they also provide social media marketing courses that are very beneficial for beginners, where they teach about how to define a target audience and social media strategy.

Offered By: LinkedIn

4. Social Coursera

 The social means massive open online course by Coursera. This course is free of cost is one of the highest demand for learning websites where you can grow your ability and learn social media marketing skills. Coursera has also a feature in that if you can't afford the fee for certification don't be hesitate you have also the option to apply for financial aid and they will definitely help you.

Offered By: Coursera

5. Fundamentals of digital marketing

Google has also provided digital and social media marketing both, SEO, mobile marketing, and lots of courses. There are more than 300,000 participants enrolled in these courses. The great advantage is that these google courses are free of cost for everyone to polish their skills. 

Offered By: Google

6. Social Media Marketing Course (eMarketing)

The institute of eMarketing offered everyone to get free certification in the field of digital and social media marketing. This course is free of cost and doesn't require paying for official certification and course but you will need to pass the exam so when your learning is complete tan you can take the exam and get a certificate. In this course there are 25 chapters covering whole social media marketing and various marketing flavors included : 

  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Target Audience    
Offered By: eMarketing

7. SkillShare (Introduction to Social Media Strategy)

SkillShare is a social media platform that helps businesses plan by publishing and uploading content on a social media channel. This course is free of cost for two months, the length of the course shortly 45 minutes long the benefit is you won't be investing a lot of time. Students understand easily the basics of social media marketing and participant should be ready to develop their social media campaign.

Offered By: SkillShare

8. HSC (Oxford Home Study Centre)

HSC has offered a free social media marketing course this course is 100% free for all the length of the course is 20 hours and there are no specific entry requirements and you can start learning anytime anywhere because this is the ongoing course. Social media marketers growing day by day so you should start learning as soon as possible. HSC has also provided lots of marketing courses is free of cost. 

Offered By: HSC

9. Shaw Academy (Becoming social media marketer)

In the first lesson, you understand how to build an effective social media strategy for your business. This social media marketing course is free and if you applied you will cover a high-level overview of marketing and you will learn social media strategies so that you can provide services on the freelance market easily.

Offered By: Shaw Academy

10. Learning with Hisham Sarwar

YouTube has the most videos about social media marketing, but there is one channel on YouTube you can learn easily and build up your future by learning digital and social media marketing course from the Hisham Sarwar playlist. If you give 100% and learn wholeheartedly you will definitely succeed in your life. 

These all are the way of learning social media and digital marketing once you have decided can I do it or not? 

Yes! you can do it believe in your self learn consistently and practice is more important so just do it these are some of the best social media marketing courses for you.